The Best Commercial Deep Fryers Reviewed

Are you in need of a heavy duty deep fryer? Look no further. We have compared the best products on the market, made a final selection and sorted out where you can buy them for the lowest price.

T-fal FR8000 - $110

This is a powerful 1700-watt deep fryer, with its 3.5-liter and 2.65 pounds of food capacity, ready to handle big loads of fries.

Of course this fryer has a thermostat that can be set to your desired temperature.

The basket has 2 positions, 1 for frying and 1 for draining.

With its patented EZ Clean oil-filtration system, frying becomes cost saving and you can choose to store your oil for later usage.

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Yescom Commercial Dual Tank Deep Fryer - $110

This is a very powerful 5000-watt deep fryer. With its 12 liter tank size, this fryer is ready to serve any commercial food outlet.

2 thermostats for each tank individual control, to be sure you're frying at exactly the temperatures you need.

You can choose to fry with only 1 tank as well, because it has 2 separate power plugs, 1 per tank.

Dual lid covers to prevent splashing from happening, and residue plates to filter out the dregs.

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Waring Commercial WDF75RC - $251

This is a very powerful 2700-watt deep fryer. Its food frying capacity is about 3 pounds per batch using the 2 baskets.

It features a timer with a 30 minute limit, that automatically turns off the heating.

Needless to mention, it also features a thermostat. It measures 11-inch height by 16-1/2-inch width by 12-1/4-inch depth.

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AdCraft Deep Fryer with Faucet - $370

This powerful 3250-watt dual tank deep fryer is ready to serve in restaurants, canteens, and fast food outlets. It requires a power outlet that supports 15A supply.

Dual tank frying allows you to separate kinds of food from eachother. Fries in one basket, snacks in the other.

It's built very sturdily and is very durable with its stainless steel construction. NSF UL Certified.

Featuring a faucet per tank allows for easily draining the oil.

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Flexzion Dual Tank Commercial Deep Fryer - $118

This powerful 5000-watt dual tank deep fryer is ready to serve in restaurants, canteens, and fast food outlets. It requires a power outlet that supports 25A (220v) or 50A (110V) supply.

This deep fryer is built very sturdily with its heavy stainless steel construction.

With 2 power plugs, you can choose which tank should operate, individually or together.

It features: Dual thermostats for controlling the tanks individually. Lid cover-plates to prevent splashing from happening. And residue plates to collect the dregs to dispose of.

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Other Great Commercial Deep Fryers

The History of the Commercial Deep Fryer

The history of deep frying goes back a long time. Now, you should know that officially the term “deep-fried” was documented back in 1916. However, this particular practice has been known and used long before that. One of the earliest estimates puts deep-frying techniques about 5 thousand years BCE, and it’s supposed that it originated from the Egyptians. Also, Greeks have been known to deep-frying food ever since the 5th century BCE. They used olive oil to do so.

The Modern Commercial Deep Fryer

Of course, this process is practically impossible to be carried out in the dynamic kitchen environment in the modern restaurant. That’s why we take advantage of technology. Deep frying is currently known as a cooking method which is going to get the food submerged into hot fat which is most commonly oil. This directly contradicts to the conventional cooking method of using a small surface layer of oil.

The contemporary deep fryer is going to be consisted of a few different components. One of them is the container which keeps all the oil in place. This is where the food gets in order to get properly deep fried. The oil, of course, is heated up to the specific temperature in advance and everything else is carried out quickly and without complications.

Things to Consider

Now, keep in mind that using commercial deep fryer would also require a significant amount of consideration. The reasons are quite logical – you don’t want to create hazards. This is burning hot oil that you are using and if you spill it on yourself third-degree burns are absolutely guaranteed. What is more, these severe burns could also be fatal so take this into account.

Access of children is absolutely out of the picture because if they accidentally place their hands in a commercial deep fryer, this could cripple them for life. At the same time, you should also consider that using this technique creates a significant amount of excessive oil which needs to be treated afterwards. It can’t be re-used, so you need to consider your options in an environmentally friendly manner.

Of course, the food that comes out ready as a result of this method is splendid, and we eat it every single day. Basically every time you see “fried” before a certain meal you can rest assured that a deep fryer has been used. The food gets prepared quickly and conveniently as long as you get the hang of the machine. It’s nothing complicated, actually, and it requires nothing but a few hours of training. In return, you get a tool that will conveniently cook a wide range of highly-demanded meals.